William Lawson's Premium Blended Scotch Whisky 13 Year Old [1000ml]

William Lawson's
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Based around a core of Macduff single malt, this is a fantastic blend, that is Russia’s most popular imported spirit. In recent years this whisky has gone from strength to strength, nearly doubling its volume of sales between 2010 and 2014.

William Lawson is named after an exports manager at the E & J Burke’s blending house (based in Dublin at the time), who first joined the company in 1888, leaving in 1903. He was a Scotsman who immigrated to Ireland – doubtless two of the world’s great whisky nations.

This is a fruity and spicy dram with a wonderful pedigree of malt whiskies, creating a superbly balanced blend.

The whisky is finished for a time in heavily charred Bourbon barrels, lending it a sweet smokiness. 13 years is a little older than the average blended whisky, and only adds to the quality.

40% ABV