Suntory Roku Gin Sakura Bloom Edition [700ml]

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The first release in the Seasonal Festival Collection, the Roku Gin Sakura Bloom Edition is crafted to capture the essence of Sakura in bloom, a fleeting phenomenon that transforms Japan into a sea of color and delicate fragrances each spring. Lasting only two weeks, the Sakura bloom is enjoyed at its peak by millions of Japanese people in a ritual known as Hanami, or ‘flower viewing’. Taking inspiration from the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossom, this special edition Roku Gin harnesses the brightness and freshness of Sakura for you to enjoy year-round. The blossom imparts an elegant floral taste layered with hints of saltiness, underpinned by a delicately complex blend of botanicals that enhances this Japanese gin’s natural flavors. This limited edition bottling is the first in a series which celebrates Japanese festivals inspired by “Shun” – the sensibility of enjoying seasonal moments at their peak.


Tasting Note
Nose: Bright and inviting, evoking the freshness of early Spring. Gentle and soft floral notes of cherry blossom, reminiscent of a Japanese garden during Hanami season.
Palate: Soft and smooth top notes, subtly sweet and richly elegant. A nostalgic hint of the saltiness of Sakura-mochi, the traditional sweet of the season, balanced with the fruity sweetness of cherry blossoms, meticulously blended with Roku’s original botanicals.
Finish: A lingering finish that invites the next sip. As each blossom falls away, a new blossom is anticipated.
43% ABV