Jameson Bold Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey [1000ml]

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Jameson bold is a smooth and creamy piece of perfection. Part of the deconstructed trio series that pulls apart Jameson and strips it down to its core. Amplifying the core components of this beautiful whiskey.

On the nose, you are initially swept away to the hot Caribbean with notes of banana, apples and spices. Notes of vanilla and nutmeg then sweep in. The palate is smooth and creamy, the barley is detectable with British winter fruits towards the end. The finish is long, initially some subtle spice which blends into a nice smooth and creamy malted barley note.


Tasting Note

Nose: On approach, look for the Red Apple and Ripe Banana before the spices appear. Soft Green Pepper and Nutmeg are given some sweetness by the Vanilla and Cinnamon. Subtle Woodland notes on a background of Barley Straw bring added depth.

Taste: Initially sweet and creamy, with an abundance of soft fruits. The Pot Still Spices develop to bring a perfect balance of rich Barley notes and mellow Baked Apple. Lingering spices fade leaving a soft Barley finale.

40% ABV